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This kit can take the place of three bolt flange type connections that use gaskets. This is a leak free, gasket free connection, with up to 30 degree range of ball movement for ease of connection.

This kit can also be used as a universal connection anywhere in your system to allow for faster and easier muffler swap out, or disconnections where you would like them.


2.5" to 2.5" tubing.

Welding required.

Replace three bolt header flange connections.

14 Guage Aluminized Steel (409 Stainless and Regular Steel Available).

Leak free, Gasket free, Ball and Socket Seal Exhaust Kit.

5/16" Flange thickness.

Heavy Duty 7/16" Grade 5 Bolts.

2 Ball and Socket Connections

4 Flanges

4 Bolts with washers and nuts

Made In USA.

Exhaust Header Collector Ball Flange Kit - Aluminized Steel

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